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Redesign Your Marriage | Joe and Shelby Seeley

Jan 29, 2024

On this podcast of Redesign Your Marriage, we explore the transformative journey of letting go, holding life with open hands, and navigating the various seasons of marriage and motherhood. In this episode, we delve into the art of releasing expectations, embracing change, and redesigning our relationships to thrive in every season. From the challenge of becoming empty nesters to the diverse experiences of motherhood, we share our stories, insights, and practical tips. Join us in this episode as we navigate the twists and turns of married life and embracing the beautiful ebb and flow of life's seasons.

Hit play and join us as we unpack this hot topic and discover the true secret to a lasting marriage.

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Quick Episode Summary: 

  • The Importance of Letting Go

  • Personal Experiences with Letting Go

  • The Pain of Holding On

  • The Challenge of Letting Go of Loved Ones

  • The Transition to Becoming Empty Nesters

  • The Struggle of Letting Go of Roles

  • The Power of Trusting God in Letting Go

  • The Impact of Letting Go on Relationships

  • The Role of Emotions in Letting Go

  • Conclusion: The Beauty of Letting Go